Help Our Animals Thrive

Sponsor a Hero Program

If you love horses but don’t want to ride, or wish you could own a horse but don’t have the means to provide for one, Hope for Hooves offers a sponsorship opportunity for our sanctuary horses. Sponsorship allows you to care for a non-rideable horse by feeding, grooming, and spending time with them. Monthly sponsorship levels range start at $35, with each tier providing different benefits and visit allowances. By sponsoring, you help cover the horses’ essential expenses, such as food and medical care. To sponsor a horse, email michelle@hopeforhooves.org and schedule a visit to meet and choose your horse.

Harley is a Quarter Horse mare who was foaled in 1996. She is currently on pain relief medication due to chronic lameness. Before retiring, Harley was a Champion Jumper. Unfortunately all of those years of jumping took a toll on her body. She is fully retired from riding, however, she is everyone’s favorite horse to read to. She moves her head back and forth as if she is reading along with you. Harley has a heart of gold and will live out the remainder of her days here at the Rescue.

This is our sweet mule, Ruthie. We witnessed her being beaten by a horse handler at a local auction, so we paid to rescue her from her abuser. Although she has been with us for nearly 3 years, she is still skittish with people, especially men, but will eat from your hand. Her beautiful eyes speak volumes of gratitude for being in a safe and loving environment. Ruthie is said to be appx 15 years old and is ready for her forever home

Blossom is appx 16 years old. She loves to be groomed and loves treats. She is a very well-behaved mule who just wants to be loved and warms up to people fairly quickly. We rescued her from the hands of the same handler who abused Ruthie. Blossom is looking for her forever home.

Help a child Thrive

Transform A Life

The children come out to the farm to find the peace, calmness, comfort and trust that has been stripped from them due to abuse or neglect; the children that are seeking the love, kindness and acceptance that they have been neglected from; the children who are hoping to build friendships because they are bullied due to neurodiversity; the children who are experiencing sadness because they lost a loved one; the children that need HOPE. 

Event Sponsors

Sponsor An Event

 Help your business or organization gain exposure by sponsoring one of our community events. Your sponsorship will provide the opportunity to add your logo to our website, brochures, social media posts, banners and more.

‘But ask the animals, and they will teach you’
Job 12:7