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Many of our equines and other farm animals are rescued from situations of neglect and abuse, and given a second chance to live out the rest of their lives helping children who need to experience the equivalent amount of love and healing. Through our Equine-assisted Mentorship Program and the grounding process of everyday farm life, we strive to introduce others to the therapeutic nature of connecting to the earth, animals, and hopefully in the process – oneself.

Any child is welcome to experience the healing nature of our farm – foster children, cancer patients, human trafficking survivors, those who have suffered from abuse, those with special needs, those who have lost a loved one, those who have a parent who is incarcerated and anyone who may be battling inner turmoil. We believe that no broken spirit is too far beyond repair.

501(c)(3) Non-Profit

We Offer Hope For Our Horses. 

Our Horses Offer Hope For His Children. 

We Can Continue To Provide Hope With Your Help.


We Love His Children

Community Support

How You Can Offer Hope for Healing

100% of your money allows us to offer our rescues and residents happy, healthy lives so they can continue to bring hope for healing to children in need.

Your time and talents help the Rescue, our Equine-assisted Mentorship Program, and our Community Events run smoothly and efficiently.

Join others by providing even a small donation so you can be a part of providing medical treatment, and helping extend the lives of the rescue horses.

Give a Lifesaving Gift Today!

Help us rescue and rehabilitate more animals. Even a small donation makes a huge difference!



At the moment, we do not have any wheelchair accommodations. However, in the future, we do plan to develop these features.

We do not have any occupational therapists on staff, however, we are looking to partner with the OT program at Augusta University and develop an intern program.

We service mild disabilities. All children/adults must be potty trained and able to move unassisted.

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